★ The Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act

The term "infanticide" gets thrown around a little too loosely by some pro-lifers, I think. I am an ardent supporter of anti-abortion legislation, but infanticide implies something especially malicious. But even staunch pro-choice advocates should be able to agree that regardless of what the status of a fetus is when inside the womb (and I firmly believe that it is indeed a living human being), it becomes a human being once it is born. Allow that newborn human being to die is an act worthy of the infanticide label. How many of you have heard of the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act? For those of you haven't, it was a bill proposed in the Illinois State Senate to address scandals surrounding babies being born during the act of an abortion. At some hospitals in the state, babies who survived the abortion process were being left in so-called "comfort rooms" without nourishment or protection until they died. The Born Alive Infant Protection Act would have outlawed such procedures and ordered that newborns be treated with the same care as anyone else.

A similar bill was brought to the floor of the United States Senate in 2001, and was passed by a margin of 98-0. Even liberal Senators such as Barbara Boxer voted for the bill.

But in the Illinois Senate, the bill was ultimately held up in the state's Health and Human Services Committee. The Committee's chairman was Barack Obama. Obama also voted twice against the bill prior to his chairmanship, stating that he believed that any restriction on doctor's ability to terminate a fetus - even one that has been born - violates Roe v. Wade.

Pro-lifers and pro-choicers should be able to agree that a born child is a human being. Barack Obama believes otherwise. If you are curious why there are so many articles with the words "Obama" and "infanticide" in them, it's because Obama voted for it, and that is inexcusable.