★ Rudy to Keynote

I don't know what to think about this. On the one hand, I had hoped to see a young up-and-comer like Bobby Jindal give the speech. He's clearly the future of the party, and I think that a high-profile address could launch him to into the political stratosphere. On the other hand, the thinking may be that at thirty-seven and with eight months as governor under his built, he's just not ready for prime time. Better to let him build quietly than risk putting him the spotlight too early. I'm a firm believer that as far as Jindal goes, we've got all the time in the world. The thinking behind Rudy must be to reinforce McCain's themes of national security and fiscal conservatism - note the the night he speaks on is the Reform night, which jibes well with Giuliani's persona. And maybe, just maybe, McCain is extending a bit of an olive branch to New York voters with Hizzoner's presence at the convention. That may pay off in 2010, when Giuliani is expected to run for Governor in his home state.

The complete list of speakers can be found here. Something to consider: the schedule is set, but not set. That is to say, any one of the speakers could easily be shuffled into that Vice Presidential slot. Don't see surprised to see Mitt or Pawlenty change their schedules sometime next week.

One last thing: I will be in attendance at the Convention as a blogger.