★ The Aftermath

Expect a bump. It was, as always, well delivered, but the substance of the speech was ludicrous. Obama fundamentally does not understand the way this country works. This is a man who thinks that unions are the manifestation of the American dream. This is a man who thinks that America's greatest trait is that we are supposedly "our brother's keeper." And yet he feels that he is equipped to lecture us on individual responsibility? Obama's entire political philosophy is based on the subjugation of individual responsibility to state responsibility.

Maybe some undecideds will be swayed. Maybe not. I don't think that this will matter as much as the debates, when America will be forced to watch the two candidates side by side. We'll see how people react then.

Over the next couple of days you can expect gushing from the media, but once again, I can't think of a single line that will be remembered for more than a week.