★ Thoughts on Day One

Well, there wasn't much of a day one to tell you the truth. With the arrival of Hurricane Gustav and the Bristol Palin hullabaloo, the limited activities of the convention got drowned out. I did get to take a trip around the Xcel Energy Center, and thought that the crew has done a bang-up job with the set-up. It's a fundamentally different look that we've come to expect from national conventions - very simple and clean, and a far cry from the cluttered, overly-theatrical style that the Democrats employed in Denver. I did give in and buy my first bits of merch - a McCain-Palin hat, a McCain-Palin shirt, and a McCain-Palin button.

Obviously every candidate leaves his or her mark on the convention, but John McCain's fingerprints are particularly noticeable. There is a simplicity and a directness to everything here - in many ways, the convention's design is the embodiment of McCain's crusade against waste and extravagance in government.

Highlights: meeting Karl Rove.  Sharing a cab with Rep. Heather Wilson. Seeing all the press areas at the convention.