★ Day Two Begins

Points to ponder over morning coffee... Why does Team Obama continue to refer to Sarah Palin as a "small town mayor" and ignore her term as governor? It's the equivalent of calling Obama an Illinois state senator.

Has anyone - ANYONE - outside of the media blowhards unleashed on Sarah Palin over her daughter's pregnancy?

What does it say about some people that they believe that someone's child getting pregnant disqualifies the grandparent-to-be from a high office?

Furthermore, what does it say about some people that they take glee in brutally slandering a seventeen year-old facing a serious situation with tact and grace?

Does Barack Obama really think running for president qualifies him to be president more than running a state qualifies Sarah Palin to be vice president?

If people's intimately personal issues are now fair game for the media, why haven't we seen more stories about Obama's radical ties, such as those documented at BarackBook.com?

I'm no Pat Buchanan fan, but is calling him a Nazi sympathizer in a press release for the purpose to sullying Sarah Palin, who once as mayor welcomed Buchanan when he made a stop in her home town, really wise strategy for the Obama campaign?

Point of note: the response to Hurricane Gustav has been light-years ahead of what was done during Katrina. How much of that is coincidence and how much of that is Bobby Jindal?

And could any right-winger get away with anything coming close to the blatant sexism that the entire leftist media has shown toward Sarah Palin?

Today's confirmed speakers include Senator Joe Lieberman and former Senator Fred Thompson. A more complete schedule will be released later today.

More updates as the day goes on. Adios!