★ Midday Update

All right, we're still about 3+ hours away from showtime here, but the day so far has been a blast. I attended a brunch earlier sponsored by RedState which featured an appearance by California Congressman Kevin McCarthy, one of the three GOP Young Guns founders (along with Virginia's Eric Cantor and Wisconsin's Paul Ryan). McCarthy spoke briefly about the need for Republicans to resist the urge to play defense and instead undertake an offensive strategy to unseat Democratic Congressmen in vulnerable districts. I then attended a lunch sponsored by Ed Morrissey - he of Hot Air fame. The lunch was held at a restaurant owned by a Kurdish refugee who had fled Saddam's Iraq in 1991. Last year he returned to his home country to visit relatives now living in peace, free from Hussein's tyranny. In addition to meeting Ed, I also had a chance to chat with David All of Tech Republican and Mary Katherine Ham, formerly of Townhall.com and currently writing for the Washington Examiner. The lunch was informal, with little in the way of policy and a lot in the way of anecdotes.

I'll upload photos later, but I'm getting ready to run off to a press conference being held by House Republicans. I'll report back later.