★ Morning Thoughts on Day Three

Good morning, all! Here are some thoughts that I've had since we last tangoed. I can't emphasize enough how magnificently I thought Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman performed last night. I have great difficulty believing that an undecided voter could hear their testimonies to John McCain's character and resolve and not think to themselves, "How did I ever consider voting for Barack Obama?" Fred, for those of you who may not know, replaced Governor Schwarzenegger, who is occupied with a vicious budget battle in California. Honestly, Fred did better than Schwarzenegger possibly could have in defining John McCain.

It's a shame that all of this was overshadowed by more media smears of Governor Palin. According to some reports, certain media outlets didn't even cover the Thompson and Lieberman speeches, and instead talked smack about Sarah Palin. Liberals are now quietly spreading rumors that McCain is going to kick Palin off the ticket - which absolutely NO ONE is considering. I'll be in attendance tonight when Palin addresses the Convention, and I sincerely hope that she knocks it out of the park.

But if she does her job tonight, Sarah Palin may well win this election for John McCain.

Links for the morning are in the Twitter feed. I'll update again later. Until then, adios!

Update: Reports are now swirling that liberal blogs have gotten hold of Sarah Palin's Social Security number. Why? For no good reason. This constitutes a gross invasion of privacy.