★ Obama For Science?

While perusing my Facebook news feed earlier today, I came across a status update that gave me pause.  It read, "Yay Obama, Yay Science," in reference to the President's announcement that he plans to overturn President Bush's ban on taxpayer-funded embryonic stem cell research. This is in keeping with President Obama's theoretical mission to put "science above politics." I say theoretical because while Obama is paying lip service to the idea, his actions show that his true priorities are lie elsewhere. Simply put, overturning the ban on government-funded stem cell research is a calculated political decision with little scientific justification. Under the ban, we saw research into adult stem cells expand rapidly, with overwhelmingly positive results. Most notably, scientists discovered a way to "wipe" adult stem cells, obtaining in a natural, humane way the very product that we were assured for years was only to be found in aborted fetuses. Consequently, private research into embryonic stem cells declined.  There is nothing that scientists hope to find in embryonic stem cells that they haven't already found, and because of that, the market for that particular type of research has collapsed.

But in keeping with his socialist approach to economics, Obama has decided to subsidize that failing industry. Since private investors won't go near embryonic stem cell research, Obama reasons, the state must. Why? Because the pro-abortion lobby has long used the research to justify their proclivity for terminating pregnancies. In order to appease this constituency, the President has decided to federally fund a dying market. There's no scientific reason for it - it's politics, pure and simple.