★ Sessions Unloads on Sotomayor

Here's a video of Senator Jeff Sessions making a strong case against Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Sessions hits all of the major arguments against Sotomayor, including her commitment to judging cases on empathetic grounds and her belief, stated on multiple occasions over more than a decade, that a "wise Latina" is more qualified to interpret the law than a white male.  Both are valid criticisms and should count against Sotomayor, but ultimately she'll be confirmed in spite of herself.  It is the President's privilege to nominate whoever he wants to the Court, and despite Democrats' vicious opposition to Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Alito during their confirmations, not to mention the brutal hit job they conducted on Robert Bork more than twenty years ago, the President usually gets his way.  In yet another sign that elections do indeed have consequences, Congress is about to confirm a radical activist more concerned with what feels right than the rule of law.  Our legal system's credibility is about to take another blow.

Here's Robert Tracinski's take on the proceedings.