★ And Now, The Punchline

Many apologies for neglecting the site over these last few weeks, but I've got some big news that I'm all too happy to share with you fine people.  I've been hired on by the Republican National Committee as a Product Manager in their New Media Division.  As of two weeks ago I am officially a resident of Washington, DC, and am currently living the exciting life of a young professional in the wild world of politics.

Consequently, I think that the best use of this space going forward is as a chronicle of my madcap adventures in this crazy city. As I am now officially part of The System, I don't think that extensive political commentary would necessarily be appropriate, although I can assure you that each post will be written from the perspective of a young overly-intellectual right-wing man-about-town.

So I guess the motto going forward will be a little more Spike-like: "From now on, we're gonna have a little less ritual and a little more fun around here." Expect more focus on the irreverent and less on the relevant. And most of all, expect semi-regular updates, which I have always been terrible about. I'll keep posting if you keep reading. All the best!