★ Riding the Google Wave

I have noticed that the primary purpose of Google Wave so far seems to be inspiring jealousy in people who haven't been invited to it yet. The furor with which some individuals lobby for access to the program is fascinating, as no one yet seems entirely sure what it does or what its practical applications are or may one day be. Nevertheless, it is difficult not to be enthusiastic about this bizarre and as-of-yet exclusive digital club, if only because being a member means getting to point and laugh at those who are not members. It's like being the keeper of an incredibly mundane secret.

Still, the idea behind the application is interesting, if only for its unconventionality. It aims to replace both e-mail and chat clients by providing a seamless communication platform for any and all participants. In this way it enables connectivity in a unique and substantial way.  Add in the power of the Google brand and its difficult to justify betting against it. However, for the platform to take off, Google is going to have to provide its users with a clear incentive to adopt it. After all, most people seem satisfied with Gmail and Google Chat already. Why jump onto this new bandwagon now?  Incentivize us, Google!

So while we're waiting for a reason to use it, I suppose that we Wavers can rest easy in the fact that we belong to one of the more exclusive and desirable clubs on the internet (Stonecutters notwithstanding). I'd try to explain why we're so cool, but... honestly, you wouldn't understand.

Google Wave - Breeding Resentment and Animosity Among Friends Since 2009.