Yeah, I think it's that time. Scott Brown's electoral victory is nothing less than the single most cataclysmic electoral event of my lifetime, and yes, I'm including Obama's election in 2008.  The pendulum of national politics swings back and forth between Republicans and Democrats with some regularity, and despite the fervor that surrounded Obama during his campaign, he was still ultimately another Democrat who won a small but decisive majority in a national election.  Scott Brown, on the other hand, ran a quixotic campaign in the bluest of all blue states, and literally came out of nowhere two weeks before the election to claim victory.  No one was prepared for this, especially not Martha Coakley, who seemed content to twiddle her thumbs until her preordained coronation.  The implications of Brown's victory are far-reaching, and will doubtlessly have a tremendous impact on the national debate between Right and Left, the legislative process, and the Obama presidency.  It will be seen, justly, as a referendum on the direction the country has taken under President Obama, and moderate Democrats who were already leery of being associated with the party's Left wing will begin to hedge their bets (as Evan Bayh has begun to do).

In short, a tremendous night, and one with huge implications.

UPDATE: It begins!