★ Random Thoughts on the Morning of February 26, 2010

Good Lord, February is almost over. As a winterphile, that is extremely uncool. As a baseball fan, though, I feel unwarranted excitement building inside of me. I mean, I know that the Cubs have about as much chance of winning the World Series this year as Jimmy Carter does of winning a second term in the White House, but that doesn't mean that I'll be any less excited to watch them play. I'm actually considering purchasing an MLB.TV subscription so that I can actually watch the games, but I think that I'll probably end up just making due with the MLB At Bat iPhone app that got me through last summer. Besides, if I have to choose between listening to Len & Bob and Pat & Ron, I'll choose the latter every time.

Being creative every day is hard. If this statement comes as shock to you, then you've probably never tried it. I'm about 170 pages into my novel right now, and even though I know where I want to get and know the road that I need to take to get there, actually walking that road is getting very difficult. I think part of it is just fatigue from having written so much over the last couple of months, and the rest is an eagerness to just finish this draft and be done with it. I'm thinking more and more about what needs to be fixed with what I've already written and less about the writing I'm doing now. That doesn't make for productive writing, but it's also unavoidable. The story has developed in ways that I didn't expect, and now I'm filled with the desire to return to the beginning of the story and make changes to reflect the turns the tale has taken. Themes have begun to emerge, and I want to make sure that those are properly seeded throughout. I also want to make sure that the characters are behaving consistently, as well as make serious changes to the language used throughout. Truthfully, I always expected the first draft to run long, and now I'm ready to cut it up. But I can't do that until I finish this draft. I'm guessing that I have between 70 and 100 pages left to go. Here's hoping I can finish before the end of March.

I've decided not to get an iPad right now. Don't get my wrong: I'm still wildly enthusiastic about the device, and am convinced that it represents the first step into the future of computing. But unfortunately being a poor white boy is not conducive to buying highly advanced technological devices, even when they are semi-reasonably priced. The bottom line is that right now I need to be watching my money, and spending $500+ on an iPad would not be fiscally responsible. But there's another factor at play as well, namely that just as v2 of the iPhone was a huge leap over v1, I'm confident that v2 of the iPad will be light-years ahead of v1. The design will be refined, we'll likely see a front-facing camera integrated , and the price may well drop. When that happens, a purchase will be inevitable. But for now I'll just to be content staring at them through the display window. Alas...

I've spent way too much time recently improving my computer. I'm coming up on the end of my warranty, and consequently am taking steps to make this thing last as long as possible. I've cleaned out nearly everything Power PC related, moved a significant amount of media to external hard drives, and freed up about 30 additional gigs of memory on the machine. I've also replaced all my icons, installed Adium as my chat client, and have been experimenting with Boxee, among other things. I would ask if that makes me a nerd, but I know that the answers is no. There are many, many other things that make me a nerd. This is just frosting.

Was I the only person bored by the Incredibly Important Summit to Decide the Fate of Our Health Care System yesterday? No? Good.

I have been listening to the Alan Parsons Project way too much lately.

I have been blogging way too little.