★ 200

I reached a personal milestone today - 200 pages. That's right, I am now officially 200 pages into The Novel. (Is it appropriate to call it a novel? I feel like that implies some sort of class and prestige, and not at all the general pulp spectacle that I have been crafting, but I digress.) Even better, the finish line is in sight. I've got the major plot line to resolve, obviously, with all of the little character bits that are tied into it, and I've also got one major dangling plot thread that I need to address and figure out how to weave back into the whole of the narrative. It's one of those bits that may be cut the second time around. The characters at the center of it were at one point in the planning stages relatively important to the plot, but as it developed, their stories and mine diverged from one another. But! As I said, personal milestone achieved. Now I just need to make that final push, and then, with a first draft in hand, I'll actually be able to get a little rest. Huzzah!