★ Quickie: Digital Communication

I've been thinking about canceling my cable service. When I look at my consumption habits, I just don't watch enough live TV to justify paying what I'm paying. If I can do it without paying a huge cancelation fee, I'll get rid of it and then pay for a significantly faster internet connection - which will still be cheaper then the current bill. Then I'll be a Netflix, iTunes, and Hulu kind of guy. Which raises a larger point about communication and media in the 21st Century. I don't want to blog at length right now, but I wonder if we're not entering a period when services like cable will go by the wayside. Alternatives are certainly there, but just aren't well-marketed and established. Furthermore, what is going to become of traditional communication devices like the telephone and more contemporary ones like SMS? I find myself using Twitter much more than text messages, and the allure of VOIP is powerful, even if the technology remains imperfect. Is that the wave of the future, or just a tool for a tech-geek minority? These are questions businesses are going to have to address at some point.