★ On Android vs. Apple

It is no secret that I am an Apple nut. I am typing this post using the Wordpress app on my iPad, which is connected via Bluetooth to an Apple wireless keyboard. I've posted before on why I think the iPad will change the future of computing. I believe that a closed computing system will eventually prove victorious in the so-called "mobile platform wars" because the percentage of the population that is not tech geeks (read: a big freaking majority) wants a device that works more than a device than can kind of do twenty million things. I've also made clear that I am not high on the Android platform. Now, that said, the slate of products that Google unveiled yesterday, which included a new version of Android running Flash and a Google TV platform that integrates with cable boxes and some TVs, was mighty impressive - assuming that each of the things actually works outside of the demo. There have already been reports of Flash sucking battery and causing major heating issues on Android phones - not very welcome when your device is a handheld - and Internet TVs have never caught on in the past (although before the iPad, the same could be said about tablet computing). Nevertheless, some commentators are predicting that the upcoming release of Android 2.2 ("Froyo" - damn hippies and their strange dessert-related naming conventions), coupled with the Google TV, will be enough to suck the life out of Jobs' baby and kick Apple back down the technology ladder.