★ I Have Not Forgotten

So please, do not make me subject to your wrath, mighty readers. I know that I said that I'd be blogging about both Frank Zappa and Doctor Who, and I still intend to do so. I'll get my review of "Absolutely Free" up as soon as possible and continue from there. Who will have to wait a bit - I mailed my Doctor Who DVDs to my girlfriend while she's interning abroad so that she would have some entertainment when she needs it. So that's on hold for a bit. But coming. My schedule has been horribly thrown off these last few weeks following the GMAT. I'm getting it back together - my writing, at least, seems to be back on track - but certain things like blogging have been neglected. I'll get back to it regularly after the holiday.

Additionally, I am curious about what you readers think about the current look/feel of the site. Do you like the minimalism, or do the people demand their sidebars?

Coming soon: review of "Absolutely Free," review of Stranger in a Strange Land, commentary on trends in computing and consumption, and possibly a piece on politics. (Yes, n00bs, this was once a fiercely political blog - that is, before I started working in politics.) Stay tuned.