★ What Happens First?

Apple highlighted the fantastic growth rate of Mac adoption during its Back to the Mac event yesterday, but in terms of actual use, it still only holds about 10% of the personal computing market. However, Apple thoroughly dominates non-traditional mobile computing. With more than 100 million iOS devices sold in less than four years, Apple is establishing itself as the company to beat in the smartphone, tablet, and pocket computer industry. And this rapid adoption of iOS devices is resulting in increased Mac sales. With the announcements made yesterday concerning OS X 10.7 Lion bringing many iOS features to the desktop, the transition from iPhones/iPads/iPod Touches back to the Mac will be easier than ever for consumers. All of this raises an interesting question: will Apple's success in the mobile space spur Mac sales to such an extent that Microsoft will start looking over its shoulder, or will mobile devices essentially replace traditional PCs for 90% of what most users do, marginalizing Microsoft in the process? It seems inevitable at this point that one of these two things will happen. If it's the former, maybe Microsoft will react quickly enough to protect itself. If it's the latter, the war may already be over.