★ Grad School Gear & Apps

I can't imagine what it must have been like to a be a business student in the '60s or '70s. Heck, I can't imagine what it must have been like to be a business student five years ago! I've already covered how Kno has transformed my student experience, but there are a few other apps that I'm finding tremendously helpful, and since I like talking about things that I like, I think I'll share them with you now.

iStudiez Pro - I can't say enough about iStudiez Pro for iOS. I've tried every calendar management tool and todo application under the sun, and this is far and away the best of them. Aimed at students, it excels in three ways. First, it's got a great system for scheduling classes and assignments. Second, it syncs brilliantly and invisibly across devices. And third, its absolutely gorgeous. A lot of time and energy went into this app, and it shows.

The Wall Street Journal - Yep, the newspaper. WSJ is the language of business students and business professionals. MBAs are expected to read it every day and have an opinion on every article. The WSJ iPad app makes it much easier for me to keep up, and eliminates the hassle of searching for a paper copy. While a subscription is necessary, the payoff is huge.

Saver - I'm a grad student. Therefore, I am poor. Saver is a simple little app that helps me manage my spending through a classic motivational tool: guilt. Yes, by punching in every transaction I make, I can see graphically exactly how much more I am spending than I should. It's easy-to-use and helpful as a grim reminder of the necessity of fiscal responsibility can be!

There are also a couple of great "analog" pieces that have become indispensable elements of my daily business school routine.

Solo Vintage Backpack - The thing is absolutely gorgeous. Dark brown Columbian leather punctuated by antique brass makes for a clean, professional appearance. To me, the discerning consumer and MBA student, this is not insignificant. I'm going to lectures, meeting guest speakers, and will soon be introducing myself to recruiters from some of the largest corporations in the world. And I ask myself, does a $20 North Face backpack really convey the image I want to put forward? If I'm cleaning my suits, shining my shoes, and learning the difference between Half Windsor, Full Windsor, and Pratt Knots, I don't want to handicap myself with a bag better suited to hiking in Vermont than sealing deals in New York. The Solo Vintage looks like the bag of a stylish young professional, and that matters. But looks aren't everything, of course. A backpack has to be able to hold and organize the things you need to carry without destroying your spine in the process. The Solo Vintage must be built with Time Lord technology - it's bigger on the inside.

BookBook Case for MacBook Pro - The MacBook Pro is mighty stylish machine, but it needs protection if you're taking it with you everywhere. I've been using a simple neoprene sleeve for half a decade, but recently decided to upgrade to BookBook. It's a brilliant leather case, handmade and designed to resemble a dusty tome from deep within the bowels of some academic library. In addition to providing protection and style, it's also a great conversation starter.

TikTok - And speaking of conversation starters, no item I've ever owned has ever caught people's attention like my TikTok. This product - the result of the most successful Kickstarter project in history - transforms your 6th generation iPod nano into a beautiful wristwatch. It's just awesome. The only caveat: the upcoming LunaTik Lynk from the same company looks even better.