The Blackwood Beta

I've spent almost a year writing Blackwood, my first complete novel. It's been exhausting, but after two drafts, I feel like I'm finally at the point where I need a new set of eyes on it.

I want to "beta test" the novel by soliciting feedback from you, my trusted readers. I want a few people who are really interested in lending a helping hand to read Blackwood and offer their thoughts. I'll provide more details to the individuals once they've been selected.

Are you willing to help me push Blackwood toward completion? If so, then I'm asking you to fill out the form below. Please only do this if you're serious about putting in the time and energy to read it from cover to cover and offer substantial feedback. If you put in the time to help, I promise I'll acknowledge you in the final release.

It's a life goal of mine to publish a novel, and I feel like I'm closer than ever. Will you help me on this final push toward the finish line?

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