The Soapbox

Having spent a good chunk of my professional career in DC, politics plays a decent-sized role in my life. I spent about five years writing on the topic regularly, but have more or less put it aside since matriculating to business school. Nonetheless, I still get the itch to put pen to paper (fingers to keys?) every now and then, and am tired of denying myself.

As of today, I'm launching a subsection of this site called The Soapbox. It is the only place on this site where I'm going to be writing about politics. If you want to read it, great. if not, you don't have to. It's also the only part of the site that I'm willing to allow comments on, at least on a trial basis. But there is a catch: it's password-protected, because I've got no interest in dealing with spammers.

If you want access to The Soapbox, complete the form below or message me, and we'll go from there.

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Congratulations! You no longer have to worry about accidentally reading about politics here!