I've boxed my third-generation iPad. Its memory wiped, it has been returned to its original packaging and placed in a drawer, where it will sit - alone - until my girlfriend visits in March to claim it.

I loved it. It is a marvel of technology and has the most beautiful screen I've ever seen. But it's been replaced. The iPad mini I received for Christmas has supplanted it in both work and play. There's nothing wrong with the third-generation iPad, no reason that I couldn't use it, but the reality is that I'm not. I've had the iPad mini for almost a month. In that time, I haven't reached for the iPad once.

Eventually, Apple will release an iPad mini with a Retina display, and I'll buy it. But even with its weaker screen, it's still the best - and most personal - tablet computer available today. It does everything that its big brother can, but its size and shape make using it a much more intimate experience. 

It's just better.