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The Verge

The Verge

If you're eager for a preview of what the "iWatch" won't be, look no further than this $299 "accessory".

This is the HP Slate of smartwatches. It looks like someone took a last-generation iPod Nano, added a wristband and some half-baked apps, threw in Bluetooth, and called it a day. (Incidentally, a day is about how long the battery is going to last.)

At its core, the Galaxy Gear is addressing the wrong problem because it is built on a foundation of flawed assumptions. Just because something is worn on the wrist doesn't make it a watch, and I don't think that Apple's sinking huge amounts of time, money, and talent into a device that's primary function is going to be to tell time and display a few alerts. Even the name "iWatch" seems to miss both the potential of the device and the problem its being made to solve.

More to follow on this subject.