Why I Sold My Kindle Touch


I purchased a Kindle Touch from Amazon the week it was announced. I sold it last week. I have no regrets. I loved my Kindle Touch. It was the third Kindle I've owned, and was far and away the best. It felt great in my hand. The screen was gorgeous. The Amazon eBook library is second to none. It was a fantastic device that tied into fantastic services to create a fantastic experience. And now it is gone.

The reason I sold my Kindle is that I wasn't using it. I wasn't using my Kindle because I was using my third-generation iPad. The iPad is not as good an eBook reader as the Kindle Touch, but it is close enough, especially with its Retina display, and it has one crucial advantage: it's almost always with me. I take my iPad to work. I take my iPad to class. I take it on trips and keep it with me at home. It's replaced my laptop in many respects, and I do more work on it than on any device I own. I don't have to remind myself to take it with me somewhere. It's always at my side.

As nice as my Kindle was, I had to remind myself to use it. It wasn't always that way.

Goodbye, Kindle Touch. I hope you bring someone else the same joy you once brought me. There was nothing wrong with you, nothing more you could have been, but what you were wasn't enough.