I finished the first draft of the (current) book a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't totally happy with it, but I'm never happy with the first draft of anything. Still, it was good enough that I was ready to send it to a few trusted friends to get some feedback.

But I didn't. I had written tens of thousands of words and capped off the story before realizing I'd made a huge mistake: I had gotten the perspective wrong. I had written it in the third-person, but that's not how this story needed to be told. To have resonance, this journey has to be experienced through the eyes of the protagonist. That's partially because of the style (I hesitate to use the word genre), but mostly because of my own limitations as a writer. I'm having trouble keeping the central thread of the narrative visible, especially as the story becomes more layered in its latter half. I'm also finding that I've let the protagonist become pretty passive.

Perspective is a funny thing. It limits our vision, but also forces us to focus on what we can see. By making the transition from the third-person to the first-person, I'm hoping I can bring that focus to this character's journey, and maybe make the story a little more enjoyable to write and read.