Nick Bestor (@Bestorb) is PhD candidate in film at the University of Texas.

Stefan Claypool (@StefanClaypool) is an aspiring writer and fledgling podcaster, currently residing in San Francisco. He is also a three-time Grammy Award-winning percussionist, although that says more about the standards of the Grammy Foundation than it does about his musical abilities.


Lillian DeRitter (@lillianlemoning) is a writer, director, geek, gamer, comics and Shakespeare hipster, and, every now and then, a girl.

Derek Long (@DerekLong08) is a PhD candidate in film at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Patrick Regan (@underwoodfive) is a screenwriter currently based out of Los Angeles. He was also a featured extra in Jonah Hex.

Nick Smith (@WhoIsNickSmith) is a stand-up comic currently based in Madison, Wisconsin. He is a man of at least three hats.

Daniel Watson-Jones (@movebywillalone) is a seeker of truth. He currently aspires to become Yoda.