7. The Fulcrum Upon Which The Gimmick Turns

In this episode: Drew and Stefan paint in broad strokes.

One of the most important things for a wrestler to do is stand out from the crowd, and the gimmick is critical in laying the foundation of character to do just that. Wrestling is a reactive medium, and gimmicks reflect in some ways the genre's interpretation of the broader world around them. But what is the line between a gimmick and a fully-formed character, and when can a gimmick become more of a hinderance than a help?

And what is Bull Buchanan doing these days?

6. We Don't Hate He

In this episode: say hello to Wrestlebot!

With Wrestlemania just around the corner, Drew and Stefan explore the historical origins of the Super Card and its evolution from an excuse to sell more beer to the central hub upon which the wheel of wrestling turns.

Drew also recommends a classic of the wrestling film genre for your homework, and you won't want to miss the thrilling post-credits scene in which Stefan almost burns down his apartment.

5. Strategies for Creating A Crossover Star

In this episode: Stefan and Drew go dancing with the stars.

Breaking out of "sports entertainment" and into the mainstream has been the goal of wrestlers for decades, but only a select few have every successfully crossed over into the broader public consciousness. There is a clear divide between "wrestling star" and "mainstream celebrity", but it can be transcended with a careful, strategic approach to making the transition. We break down attempts to make the move throughout history and try to understand why The Rock could survive The Tooth Fairy but Hulk Hogan couldn't survive Santa With Muscles