Marketplace Business: The Comic Book Battles Behind the Big Screen

Then Marvel decided it wanted a piece of the action, and the company came up with a plan to buy back its characters and to make its own movies. But there was a wrinkle. While Marvel got Iron Man back from Paramount and Sony gave up Ghost Rider, Twentieth Century Fox refused to sell back the rights to the Fantastic Four or the X-Men.

That’s when the arguing, and ultimately the lawsuits, began.
— Sally Herships

A succinct explanation of why Spider-Man coming to the MCU is such a big deal, and why you shouldn't expect to see Wolverine popping up there any time soon. 

What X-Men 3 Could Have Been

“So basically you found out was that Phoenix was going round the world taking things into her own hands and that she had basically returned as a god, which they did touch upon in X3. She had viewed herself as above the conflict, that she was here to end things on her terms, she was basically sick of the fighting and she was going to take things into her own hands and she didn’t give a shit what the X-Men or the Brotherhood had to say about it.”

- Mike Dougherty, screenwriter for X2, on the original plans for what became X-Men: The Last Stand.

"Elektra screenwriter explains why he's 'embarrassed' by the movie"

“Elektra is one of the reasons I got into television,” Zicherman revealed. “I spent a year writing the movie, and it was supposed to be this gigantic movie, and then they decide they’re not going to make an $80 million movie, they’re going to make a $30 million movie, they bring in a director we didn’t know, you get fired, someone else comes in and rewrites the entire movie, but you still get credit because you wrote the first draft. Then you go to the premiere in Las Vegas, and 30 seconds into the movie you’re like, ‘Oh, [expletive].’”
— Stu Zicherman, interview by Blaster

A little extra insight into what was going on here.

Spoiler: this is not a good film.

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The Curious Case of WESLEY SNIPES and a BLADE 4 Rumor

CREDIT: New Line Cinema

CREDIT: New Line Cinema

So while Marvel appears to have a clear path to do a Blade sequel if they so choose, both the idea of a Snipes-headlined sequel and the Daily News gossip item are both conspicuously out of character for Marvel Studios.
— Newsarama

In a couple of weeks, you might find out why this could be a horrifically bad idea. Stay tuned!